Whether it's an in-house training video, corporate event recap, convention floor loop, social media promo, or TV commercial, Ian brings his technical ability and irreverent perspective to your branding standards to create something unique and memorable. Ian has produced and edited promo videos for such diverse clients as Great Canadian Casinos, Ricoh (Pentax) Canada, Frostbite Pictures, the Canadian Olympic Committee, and USAID.  
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Leigh Tools  "Rout Custom through Dovetails" - writer/Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Voice Over

AEB Productions "Jingle!" Promo - Writer/Director, cinematographer, Editor

Leigh Tools "5 Tips For Sustainable Woodworking" - Writer/Director, Editor, cinematographer, Voice Over

Leigh Tools "Dovetail Challenge & Speed Run" - Writer/Director, Editor, cinematographer

Leigh Tools "Explaining Half-Blind Dovetail Fit" - Writer/Director, Editor, cinematographer, Voice Over

Demon X Behind The Scenes - Editor

Elements Casino TV Commercial - Director, Editor

Saving Lives At Birth (USAID) - Editor

Hard Rock Casino Vignette - Director, Cinematographer, Editor

AEB Productions "Some Kind Of Wonderful" - Director, Cinematographer, Editor

ItClipz Social Media Promo - Director, Cinematographer, Editor

Pentax "Go Get Her" - Writer/Director, Cinematographer, Editor

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